Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, 
are the ones who do.

Hey Ya (Outkast)

You think you've got it 
Ohh, you think you've go it 
But got it just don't get it 
Till' there's nothing at 

If what they say is nothing is forever, then what makes, then what makes, then what makesthen what makes, then what makes LOVE? 

Rain is a good thing (Luke Bryan)

Rain makes corn, corn makes whisky
Whisky makes my baby feel a little frisky

CUIDADO -No jugar sobre el césped recién pintado.

Genio atrapado (Christina Aguilera)

Mi cuerpo dice quiero, pero mi alma tiene miedo.
Si me quieres junto a ti, frota bien y ya verás. 
Como un genio liberado haré tus sueños realidad.
Si me quieres junto a ti, gánate mi corazón. 
Tres deseos te concedo, si me juras tu amor.

piensas que ahora tal vez ahora sucederá, pero yo sé que nada pasará.
Tienes que quererme

Johnnie Walker - The Man Who Walked Around The World

 para mi fan nº 1

Sunshine (Submission Dj Ft. Monica Moss)

Yes, I believe. I believe in love, I believe in destiny. 
When two people fall in love, no one exists.
It's not a new thing.  Do you believe?

Te favorece tanto estar callada (Niños mutantes)

Te pediría que nunca me ladraras tus frases sin pensártelas bien, 
sería mejor.

Soldier (Eminem)

I'm a soldier, these shoulder's hold up so much, they won't budge, i'll never fall or fold up. I'm a soldier, even if my collar bone's crush or crumble, I will never slip or stumble.

Yo' left, yo' left, yo' left, 
right, left, 
yo' left, yo' left, yo' left, 
right, left, 
yo' left, yo' left, yo' left, 
right, left, 
yo' left, yo' left, yo' left, 
right, left
August Landmesser

el hombre que negó el saludo nazi

Kim (Eminem)

Aww look at daddy's baby girl. That's daddy baby. Little sleepy head. 

Yesterday I changed your diaper. Wiped you and powdered you. How did you get so big? 
Can't believe it, now you’re two. Baby you're so precious.
Daddy's so proud of you.

Sit down bitch. If you move again I'll beat the shit out of you.

- Don't make me wake this baby. She don't need to see what I'm about to do.
Quit crying bitch, why do you always make me shout at you? How could you? Just leave me and love him out the blue. Oh, what's the matter Kim? Am I too loud for you? Too bad bitch, you’re gonna finally hear me out this time. At first, I'm like all right. You wanna throw me out? That's fine! But not for him to take my place, are you out your mind? This couch, this TV, this whole house is mine! How could you let him sleep in our bed? Look at me Kim. Look at your husband now!
+ No!
- I said look at him! He ain't so hot now is he? Little punk!
+ Why are you doing this?
- Shut the fuck up!
+ You're drunk! You're never going to get away at this!
- You think I give a fuck! Come on we're going for a ride bitch
+ No!
- Sit up front
+ Well I can't just leave Hailie alone, what if she wakes up? 
- We'll be right back. Well I will, you'll be in the trunk.

- You really fucked me Kim. You really did a number on me. Never knew me cheating on you would come back to haunt me. But we was kids then Kim, I was only 18. That was years ago. I thought we wiped the slate clean. That's fucked up!
+ I love you!
- Oh God my brain is racing
+ I love you!
- What are you doing? Change the station I hate this song! Does this look like a big joke?
+ No!
- There's a four year old boy lyin' dead with a slit throat in your living room, ha-ha. What you think I'm kiddin' you? You loved him didn't you?
+ No!
- Bullshit you bitch don't fucking lie to me. What the fuck's this guy's problem on the side of me? Fuck you asshole, yeah bite me. Kim, KIM! Why don't you like me? You think I'm ugly don't you.
+ It's not that!
- No you think I'm ugly.
+ Baby…
- Get the fuck away from me, don't touch me. I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I SWEAR TO GOD I HATE YOU. 
OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU. How the fuck could you do this to me?
+ Sorry!
- How the fuck could you do this to me?

la luna está cansada de poetas
Di no a las drogas. 
Di no al maltrato animal. 
Di no al acoso. Di no saurio. 

She doesn't mind (Sean Paul)

Hands up high we burn it up the sky

- Where are you?- Landing now.- If security catches you... it's over.

Alive (Black Eyed Peas)

You say that i'm the only one. You say that i'm your number one. 
Now you're gone and i feel numb. Tell me where did we go wrong.

Good times (Roll Deep)

I’m gonna leave the day behind. Dont you worry 'cause 
Im gonna have a real good time
I’m gonna leave the world outside. Spend my money cause its gonna be a real good night.

Honesty (Billy Joel)

We don't need no education (Pink Floyd)

Hey, teachers! Leave those kids alone!

Watercolour (Pendulum)

Feed the fire
Break your vision
Throw your fists up
Come on with me
Y ahora ya no puedo prestarte mi abrigo, ni quitarte la ropa, ni sudar contigo, ni perder la calma, ni decirte las cosas que nunca te he dicho.
Ahora ya no puedo prestarte mis alas, ni subirte la falda, ni cogerte con vicio.
Ahora da lo mismo reírse de todo que llorar por nada.

Look for the girl with the broken smile