Welcome Home (Radical Face)

Here, beneath my lungs
I feel your thumbs
Press into my skin again

Boomerang (The Summer Set)

And if I was Da Vinci, you'd be Mona Lisa
Paint a smile perfectly on you

You look so good, I love when people stare

Big Jet Plane (Angus and Julia Stone)

She smells of daisies

Little Black Submarine (The Black Keys)

You know me, I had plans 
But they just disappeared 
To the back of my mind 

But everybody knows 
That a broken heart is blind 

Drugs (Ratatat)

Eminem - Berzerk (Acoustic Cover by Madilyn Bailey)

Kick your shoes off, let your haAnnotateir down
And go berserk all night long
Grow your beard out, just weird out
And go berserk all night long

Kiss Me (Mountain Men)

Feeling Good (Telephunken)

You're My Chocolate (Savages)

Nothing Left To Say (Poldoore)

But I Do (Poldoore)

Right Here Right Now (Fatboy Slim)

Waking up to find your love's not real 
Waking up to find your love's not real 
Waking up to find your love's not real 
Waking up to find your love's not real 

Hjerteknuser (Kaizers Orchestra)

Du e min hjerteknuser

Come With Me Now (Kongos)

I think with my heart and I move with my head
I open my mouth and it's something I've read
I stood at this door before, I'm told
But a part of me knows that I'm growing too old

Confused what I thought with something I felt
Confuse what I feel with something that's real
I tried to sell my soul last night
Funny, he wouldn't even take a bite

Afraid to lose control
And caught up in this world
I've wasted time, I've wasted breath
I think I've thought myself to death

“I meet you. I remember you. Who are you? You’re destroying me. You’re good for me. How could I know this city was tailor-made for love? How could I know you fit my body like a glove? I like you. How unlikely. I like you. How slow all of a sudden. How sweet. You cannot know. You’re destroying me. You’re good for me. You’re destroying me. You’re good for me. I have time. Please, devour me. Deform me to the point of ugliness. Why not you? Why not you in this city and in this night, so like other cities and other nights you can hardly tell the difference? I beg of you.”

― Marguerite DurasHiroshima mon amour

Wait (Kygo Remix) (M83)

Shake Your Booty (KC & The Sunshine Band)

You can, you can do it very well

You're the best in the world, I can tell

The Big Tree (Stand High Patrol)

A tree without roots cannot live 
But a tree without your brenches shall not grow

SOJA - Losing My Mind

There's no fights and theres no tears
There's no need if you're not here 
And I'm not the same anyway, anymore 
There's no need to write this song 
Cuz there's no changing whats been done
And there's no changing whats inside 
And it looks like its gonna storm

Formidable (Stromae)

Formidable, formidable.
Tu étais formidable, j'étais fort minable,
Nous étions formidables,
Tu étais formidable,
J'étais fort minable,
Nous étions formidables.

Papaoutai (Stromae)