Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas)

Hounds Of Love (The Futureheads)

Among your hounds of loving
And feel your arms surround me
I've always been a coward, and i dont know what's good for me

Oh, here I go, don't let me go, hold me down
It's coming at me through the trees
Help me, someone, help me, please

Do you know what I need, do you know what I need, 
i need love love love love love, yeah

Ruby (Kaiser Chiefs)

Let it never be said that romance is dead 
cos' there's so little else occupying my head 
There is nothing I need, cept the function to breathe 
But I'm not really fussed doesn't matter to me

Could it be could it be that you're joking with me 
And you don't really see you with me 

When You Were Young (The Killers)

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch him now, here he comes

They say the Devils water it aint so sweet
You dont have to drink right now
But you can dip your feet
Every once in a little while

No Tomorrow (Orson)

Wires (Athlete)

I see it in your eyes, I see it in your eyes
You'll be alright

Got to get to you, got to see this through

First night of your life, curled up on your own
Looking at you now, you would never know

I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Tom Jones)

Les Passantes (Georges Brassens)

A celles qui sont déjà prises
Et qui, vivant des heures grises
Près d'un être trop différent
Vous ont, inutile folie,
Laissé voir la mélancolie
D'un avenir désespérant

She's Like The Wind (Patrick Swayze)

She's like the wind through my tree
She rides the night next to me
She leads me through moonlight
Only to burn me with the sun
She's taken my heart
But she doesn't know what she's done
- I didn't just want to go to parties...

Hello (Eminem)

Hello, allow me to introduce myself
My name is Shady, it's so nice to meet you
It's been a long time, I'm sorry, I've been away so long
My name is Shady, I never meant to leave you

Queen Of Rain (Roxette)

Time went by as I wrote your name in the sky, fly fly away, bye bye.

There She Goes (The La's)

There she goes
there she goes again
racing thru' my brain
and i just can't contain
this feelin' that remains

There she blows
there she blows again
pulsing thru' my vein
And i just can't contain
this feelin' that remains

Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)

Friday I'm In Love (The Cure)

I don't care if Monday's blue

Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday, I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love

Monday, you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday, break my heart
Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday, I'm in love

"TALKING HEADS" (GADAJACE GLOWY): a short documentary, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski in 1980, turns a simple idea into a masterpiece: ordinary people of different age and background in Poland were asked 3 simple questions. Their spontaneous responses reveal the way they see life.

Quiero ser como tú

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Culture Club)

Give me time to realize my crime
Let me love and steal
I have danced inside your eyes
How can I be real