La tierra salvaje de un hombre,
es el parque de recreo de otro.

I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor Swift)

Troublemaker (Olly Murs ft. FloRida)

Happy Children (P. Lion)

La luz cree que viaja más rápido que cualquier otra cosa, pero se equivoca. Da lo mismo lo rápido que pueda viajar, porque al final, la luz descubre que la oscuridad ha llegado antes que ella y la está esperando.
-Terry Pratchett

“Inténtalo, vuelve a fallar, falla mejor
-Samuel Beckett

Back For Good (Take That)

Both Sides Of The Story (Phil Collins)

Though we might hate to admit it, there are always two sides to every story

Here we are all gathered in what seems to be the centre of the storm
Neighbours once friendly now stand each side of the line that has been drawn
They've been fighting here for years, but now there's killing on the streets
While small coffins are lined up sadly, now united in defeat

You got it (Roy Orbison)

Anything you want
Anything you need
Anything at all

Got my mind set on you (George Harrison)

And this time I know it's for real
The feelings that I feel
I know if I put my mind to it
I know that I really can do it
And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

"No se llegará a comprender la naturaleza humana hasta que se sepa porque un niño montado en un tiovivo saluda a sus padres en cada vuelta y porque sus padres le devuelven siempre el saludo."
-William D. Tammeus

You Spin Me Round (Dead or Alive)

My Way (Limp Bizkit)

Some day you'll see things my way 
Cause you never know 
Where, you never know 
Where you're gonna go 

The Way To Your Heart (Soulsister)

Woke up this morning with my heart on fire
held on to what I'd been dreaming
woke up this morning, I had one desire
to get back to what I'd been seeing

If You Could Read My Mind (Stars On 54)

And when you reach the part where the heartache comes
The hero would be you
Heroes often fail

True (Spandau Ballet)

I bought a ticket to the world, 
But now I've come back again 
Why do I find it hard to write the next line? 
Oh I want the truth to be said 

I know, I know, I know this much is true

Mahatma Gandhi

 Ojo por ojo y el mundo acabará ciego.

The Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping in
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

The Shoop Shoop Song (Cher)

Oh no, that's not the way

And you're not listenin' to all I say
If you wanna know
If he loves you so

It's in his kiss

 Tengo una pregunta que a veces me tortura. 
¿Estoy loco yo o los locos son los demás?
-Albert Einstein

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police)

Candy (Robbie Williams)

Hey ho here she goes
Either a little too loud or a little too close
There's a hurricane in the back of her throat
And she thinks she’s made of candy 

And if you don’t feel good

What are you doing this for?

Fields Of Gold (Sting)

You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in the fields of gold

“Por desgracia la superabundancia de sueños 
se paga con un número  creciente de pesadillas” 
-Sir Peter Ustinov

Once Upon a December

And a song
Someone sings
Once upon a december

That wall of yours.. it may keep out pain, but it also may keep out love


“¡Mal hemos hecho, con toda su majestuosidad, en ofrecerle demostraciones de violencia, porque es invulnerable como el aire, y nuestros vanos golpes una burla cruel!”
- William Shakespeare
Honestly, if you're not willing to sound stupid,
you don't deserve to be in love. 

Motivation (Sum 41)

Maybe it's just something I can't admit but lately
I feel like I don't give a shit 

It's all just a waste of time in the end. 
Don't care, so why should I even pretend? 

Lo que el viento se llevó

Querida, eres tan inmadura. 
Crees que al decir lo siento todo el pasado puede corregirse.

Song to Say Goodbye (Placebo)

You are one of God's mistakes
You crying, tragic waste of skin
I'm well aware of how it aches
And you still won't let me in
Now I'm breaking down your door
To try and save your swollen face
Though I don't like you anymore
You lying, trying waste of space

It's a song to say goodbye

Primavera (Ludovico Einaudi)

20 de abril (Celtas Cortos)

20 de Abril del 90.  Hola, chata. ¿Cómo estás? ¿Te sorprende que te escriba? Tanto tiempo es normal. 
Pues es que estaba aquí solo, me había puesto a recordar, me entró la melancolía y te tenía que hablar. 

¿Recuerdas aquella noche en la cabaña del Turmo? ¿Las risas que nos hacíamos antes todos juntos?  
Hoy no queda casi nadie de los de antes, y los que hay han cambiado, han cambiado, sí. 

Espero que mis palabras
desordenen tu conciencia.

Up in the air

Si nos movemos despacio morimos rápido. Nosotros no somos cisnes, sino tiburones.    

Atrapado por su pasado

Los hijos de puta siempre te disparan de noche, 
cuando lo único que hay es un médico de guardia novato 
con un cerebro somnoliento.

My Favourite Game (The Cardigans)

I'm losing my favourite game
You're losing your mind again

Running Up That Hill (Placebo)

Do you want to feel how it feels?
Do you want to know that it doesn't hurt me?
Do you want to hear about the deal that I'm making?
You, it's you and me.

Heavy Cross (The Gossip)

It’s a cruel cruel world to face on your own
A heavy cross, to carry along
The lights are on, but everyone’s gone
And it’s cruel 

We can play it safe, or play it cool
Follow the leader, or make up all the rules
Whatever you want, the choice is yours
So choose

Voices (Cheap Trick)

You didn't know what you were looking for 
'Till you heard the voices in your ear

Hey, it's me again.
Plain, you see again.
Please, can I see you ev'ry day?

La cabecita loca (Rulo y la Contrabanda)

Te veo y siento miedo
tengo los ojos rojos
la cabecita loca
el corazón despierto
no se como llevarte
a mi rincón secreto

Arma Letal

- ¿Qué ha pasado? 
- Tiroteos, explosiones, tiburones, lo habitual.

XXIII (Bécquer)

Por una mirada, un mundo
Por una sonrisa, un cielo
Por un beso... ¡Yo no sé
qué te diera por un beso!

Cough Syrup (Young the Giant)

Life's too short to even care at all, oh 

I'm losing my mind
 Losing my mind
Losing control 

- ¿¡Y por qué debo obedecerte!?
+ ¡Porque yo soy tu MADRE!
- ¡Pues si es cuestión de títulos, yo soy tu HIJA! 
  ¡Y nos graduamos el mismo día!
Debes seguir siempre la senda del bien. Lógico... ¡Con el atasco que debe haber en la autopista del mal!

Si Loin De Vous (Nâdiya)

Angie (The Rolling Stones)

But Angie, Angie, ain't it good to be alive? 

Soldier Of Fortune (Deep Purple)

Riders on the storm (The Doors)

Child in Time (Deep Purple)

Sweet child in time, you'll see the line
Line that's drawn between good and bad
See the blind man shooting at the world
Bullets flying, ooh taking toll
If you've been bad - Oh Lord I bet you have
And you've not been hit oh by flying lead
You'd better close your eyes, aahaouho bow your head
Wait for the ricochet

Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

So, so you think you can tell 
Heaven from Hell
Blue sky's from pain 
Can you tell a green field 
From a cold steel rail? 
A smile from a veil? 
Do you think you can tell? 

And did they get you to trade 
Your heroes for ghosts? 
Hot ashes for trees? 
Hot air for a cool breeze? 
Cold comfort for change? 
And did you exchange 
A walk on part in the war 
For a lead role in a cage? 

How I wish, how I wish you were here

We're just two lost souls 
Swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
And how we found
The same old fears
Wish you were here

Yellow Ledbetter (Pearl Jam)

And I know, and I know 
I don't wanna stay at all

El Principiante

Hay más de 100 motivos por los cuales no debería matarte, 
pero ahora mismo no se me ocurre ninguno. 

Turn Up The Love (Far East Movement ft. Cover Drive)

We are one tonight
And we're breathing in the same air
So turn up the love
Turn up the love
We're turnin' up the love

Celebration (Kool & The Gang)

Everyone around the world
Come on!

Buscando El Sol (El Pescao)

Siempre que me despierto 
Busco algo que me de esa sensación

Haces que se me pasen las horas
Y salga el sol, a veces antes de tiempo.
Creces siempre en
 lugares secretos 
Buscando el sol
Buscando el sol
Don’t tell my father, don’t tell my mother, they’d die if they knew too fun is her daughter.

The Rhythm Of The Night (Corona)

I know you wanna say it