Madrigal Triste

Que m’importe que tu sois sage?
Sois belle! Et sois triste! Les pleurs
Ajoutent un charme au visage,
Comme le fleuve au paysage;
L’orage rajeunit les fleurs.
Je t’aime surtout quand la joie
S’enfuit de ton front terrassé;
Quand ton coeur dans l’horreur se noie;
Quand sur ton présent se déploie
Le nuage affreux du passé.
Je t’aime quand ton grand oeil verse
Une eau chaude comme le sang;
Quand, malgré ma main qui te berce,
Ton angoisse, trop lourde, perce
Comme un râle d’agonisant.
J’aspire, volupté divine!
Hymne profond, délicieux!
Tous les sanglots de ta poitrine,
Et crois que ton coeur s’illumine
Des perles que versent tes yeux!

-Charles Baudelaire

Tighten Up (The Black Keys)

I wanted love, I needed love 
Most of all, most of all 
Someone said True Love was dead 
But I'm bound to fall 
Bound to fall for you 
Oh what can I do? 

Living just to keep going 
Going just to be sane 
All the while I know 
It's such a shame 
I don't anekatips need to get steady 
I know just what to feel 
Telling me to be ready, my dear

Walk On The Ocean (Toad The Wet Sprocket)

We spotted the ocean at the head of the trail 
Where are we going, so far away 
And somebody told me that this is the place 
Where everything's better, everything's safe 
Walk on the ocean 
Step on the stones 
Flesh becomes water 
Wood becomes bone 

And half and hour later we packed up our things 
We said we'd send letters and all those little things 
And they knew we were lying but they smiled just the same 
It seemed they'd already forgotten we'd came 

Now we're back at the homestead 
Where the air makes you choke 
And people don't know you 
And trust is a joke 
We don't even have pictures 
Just memories to hold 
That grow sweeter each season 
As we slowly grow old


No te amo como si fueras rosa de sal, topacio
O flecha de claveles que propagan el fuego:
Te amo como se aman ciertas cosas oscuras, 
Secretamente, entre la sombra y el alma.
Te amo como la planta que no florece y lleva 
Dentro de sí, escondida, la luz de aquellas flores, 
Y gracias a tu amor vive oscuro en mi cuerpo 
El apretado aroma que ascendió de la tierra.
Te amo sin saber cómo, ni cuándo, ni de dónde, 
Te amo directamente sin problemas ni orgullo: 
Así te amo porque no sé amar de otra manera,
Sino así de este modo en que no soy ni eres, 
Tan cerca que tu mano sobre mi pecho es mía, 
Tan cerca que se cierran tus ojos con mi sueño.


Bridge Of Bones (Crystal Fighters)

And the colors of home I'm remembering so strong
Beautiful colors I ain't seen in so long
Will I find you again before I die? I don’t know
And I guess I must have done something really wrong
And so I've been drifting out here pretty long
So I write you with love from the wide ocean

Everywhere (Crystal Fighters)

I truly believe these feelings
They're dancing 'round and 'round my soul
Yeah I believe it's happening

I'm not scared of anything, thinking about everything
Realizing everything, imagining everyday
Thinking about everything, feeling is everything
Feeling is everything, feeling is everywhere

Felicidad (La Cabra Mecánica)

No Volveré A Casa (La Ley De Mantua)

Fool's Overture (Supertramp)

Live it up, rip it up, why so lazy?
Give it out, dish it out, let's go crazy

Dracarys (Ramin Djawadi)

I Love It (Icona Pop Ft. Charli XCX)

I don't care, I love it.
I don't care, I love it, I love it.
I don't care, I love it.
I don't care, I love it, I love it.
I don't care.
I love it.

I Need Your Love (Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding)

Over The Hills And Far Away (Gary Moore)

They came for him one winter's night
Arrested, he was bound
They said there'd been a robbery
His pistol had been found

They marched him to the station house
He waited till the dawn
And as they led him to the dock
He knew that he'd been wronged
You stand accused of robbery
He heard the bailiff say
He knew without an alibi
Tomorrow's light would mourn his freedom

Over the hills and far away
For ten long years he'll count the days
Over the mountains and the seas
A prisoner's life for him there'll be

He knew that it would cost him deer
But yet he dare not say
Just where he had been that fateful night

A secret it must stay
He had to fight back tears of rage
His heart beat like a drum
For with the wife of his best friend
He'd spent his final night of freedom

Over the hills and far away
He swears he will return one day
Far from the mountains and the seas
Back in her arms again he'll be
Over the hills and far away

Each night within his prison cell
He looks out through the bars
He reads the letters that she wrote
One day he'll know the taste of freedom

Over the hills and far away
She prays he will return one day
As sure as the rivers reach the seas
Back in his arms again she'll be

Over the hills
Over the hills and far away

Crime Of The Century (Supertramp)

Now they're planning the crime of the century 
Well what will it be? 
Read all about their schemes and adventuring 
It's well worth a fee 
So roll up and see 
And they rape the universe 
How they've gone from bad to worse 
Who are these men of lust, greed, and glory? 
Rip off the masks and let's see. 
But that's not right - oh no, what's the story? 
There's you and there's me 
That can't be right