Bleeding Out (Imagine Dragons)

Oh you tell me to hold on 
But innocence is gone 
And what was right is wrong 

Entre el deseo y la crispación, entre el poder y la existencia, entra la esencia y la caída, cae la sombra. Así es como acaba el mundo.
-T.S. Eliot

Lies (Roxette)

It's a cookin' jumpin' jivin' shout
Cos you're every little thing I can do without
Every line you lay, every trick you trade
They could never ever make the grade

It's a steamin' jumpin' jivin' shout
Cos you're every little thing I still dream about
But the love you lay, every prayer you pray
It will never ever make my day
Listen to me good

You're all lies

Bridget who is crazy said that sometimes she thought
about suicide when commercials come on during TV. 

She was sincere and this puzzled
the guidance counselors.

Night Visions - Imagine Dragons

1- Radioactive 
2- Tiptoe 
3- It's Time 
4- Demons 
5- On Top Of The World 
6- Amsterdam 
7- Hear Me 
8- Every Night 
9- Bleeding Out 
10- Underdog 
11- Nothing Left To Say / Rocks

Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)

All systems go, the sun hasn't died
Deep in my bones, straight from inside